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Jan 24, 2013 11:00pm EST
everybody think? >> and you saw the interview between manti te'o and katie couric today. tonight, we ask, did you believe what he was saying, that he was the victim of an online hoax? the controversy is the talk of the town and the nation. live in our newsroom with the latest twist in this unusual situation. >> really hard to believe. the only thing his answers did today was lead to more questions. this was all the one theory that was behind the hoax, tales's sexual of the. he denied being gay and continues to maintain that he was a victim. manti te'o admits he was not as forthcoming as he should have been. his decision to perpetuate the existence of girlfriend lennay kekua -- >> i was committed to this person who i did not have a chance to me and she all of a sudden died. that scared me. >> the football phenom claims he was oblivious to what should have been red flags, that the love of his life was not real life. flags that were mostly too obvious to miss. >> i feel like you could not have been the victim for two years and not have known anything. >> after she always had an excuse not
Jan 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
football star manti te'o. just a short time ago te'o spoke with espn. was -- it was off camera but it was the first time he's spoken to the media since the story broke the here's a story of manti te'o with jeremy schaap. it's his first interview and the details have not been made public. this comes as notre dame officials are he's spoken encouraging the linebacker to come forward. he has claimed he was duped into an online relationship whose death then was faked. this as another men reportedly fell victim to the same hoax involving the same woman. >> when they showed pictures of lennay it was the same pictures. >> now, this woman whose image was used in the photos without her knowledge, is not speaking publicly. >>> none at 11:00. disgraced cyclist lance armstrong is facing new criticism a day after he made a nationally televised confession. some are saying he still has not told oprah winfrey the entire truth. >> if lance armstrong's goal was a shot at redemption, he may have just taken a step backwards. >> i view this situation
Jan 17, 2013 11:00pm EST
dealers, moving you forward. the manti te'o hoaz lights up media. the number one trading story -- trending store it. a california man created a hoax. upon their california men -- the palmdale california man created a fake twitter account for the woman who never existed. the heisman trophy runner-up was supposed to talk with espn tonight but did not do the interview. notre dame continues to stand behind te'o. they believe he is a victim and telling the truth. all anybody wants to know is what did he know and when did he know it? rafael soriano was introduced to nats fans tonight. it will be 6 inning ball game. rizo talk about it this afternoon >> greater than he told me he appreciated everything we have done for him -- >> he told me he appreciated everything we have done for him. go out and have a good year and make a lot of money. the caps were back on the ice for fan appreciation night. terrific enthusiasm. they had a good workout for the lead for florida to take on tampa saturday night. them back to tuesday for the home opener against winnipeg. we caught up with the >> team owner greate
Jan 20, 2013 11:00pm EST
amymay be related to the victims and he is facing murder charges. manti te'o will give his first on-camera vidinterview to katie couric about the alleged online hoax to the linebacker. barbara walters is in the hospital. she fell at a party hosted by the britis ambassador. the 83 year old has a cut on her forehead but is alert. abc has not said when she will be released. plenty of celebreations for martin luther king's birthday. the 44th annual tribute celebration. good tunes and some dancing. i didn't dance or sing. but we had a good time. and not a bad night to be out. >> what a treat we had today. temperatures in the lower 60's. can we repeat this for tomorrow afternoon? it won't be as cold as it could eventually get. a few clouds rolling in and we move through the early morning hours and increase during the mid-day and late afternoon. 39 degrees -- and the wind chill feels like 34 and the high today 62 degrees at reagan national airport. 8 degrees shy of the record 20 degrees above average. weatherbug network -- 14th and k, a lot of folks down there. highs in the lower 60's. hun
Jan 23, 2013 11:00pm EST
. katie sat down with manti and a hoax involving an on- line girlfriend. >> put yourself in my situation. that sheworld told me on september 12. >> she also interviewed his parents, who say their son is not a liar. you can watch the entire tomorrow at 4:00. >> justin timberlake is heading .ack to the super bowl was half of the infamous malfunction of janet jackson back in 2004. he will perform the night before the super bowl. >> hopefully, no more wardrobe malfunction. >> no snow shovel malfunction either. i made up for categories. -- four categories. this will be conversational. do your homework. these were a few pictures. that is not a meteor shower, is 8 snow flurry. there are snow flurries right around the washington area. here is a look at the doppler. see that area of light snow is right now. the air is so dry, some of it is flurries. all closing in on us and to the nighttime hours, ,ou folks in southern maryland a strong upper level which is the impetus for all of this vertical velocity. you folks around waldorf, st. county, of fredericksburg, those are the be seeing a bit more in
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5